Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger!

I rarely pick a book because of the title. I usually read the summary, look at some reviews, and read the first page or two, but how could I ever NOT read this book? The title is amazing because who hasn’t wanted to give a guy the finger? I’m kidding, but this title just draws you in and makes you want to read this book. Author Beth Harbison, takes a very typical fiction storyline; girl gets cheated on, is torn between two men, and ultimately finds her true love, and makes it fresh and fun.

I really loved this book because I truly connected with the characters. I really wanted to be a part of the story and interact with these fictional people. To me that is the sign of a good book. Now this is by no means an award winner, but it is a good chic-lit book for those that just want to enjoy a good story. I actually read this book in a day!

The story starts 10 years earlier before the wedding of Quinn Barton and Burke Morrison, her high school love. The problems start when Burke’s brother and Best Man, Frank Morrison, decides to tell Quinn that Burke has not been faithful to her…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Quinn then decides to call off the wedding and run off to Vegas with FRANK. Can you see where we are going here? Fast forward 10 years and Quinn is alone and living in her hometown running her bridal shop, Talk of the Gown. When both brothers return to town for their Mother’s wedding, Quinn must make a choice…Burke, Frank, or neither. Thankfully, Quinn has her BF Glen to help her through the twists and turns of the drama.

By far, Glenn is my favorite character in the book. At one point, Glenn forces Quinn to do something out of her comfort zone every day…did I mention HE chooses what she is does? Some of what he chooses was when I laughed out loud! He picks everything from speed dating to going COMMANDO for the day! So funny! Every girl needs a Glen and I WANT A Glen!!!

My favorite quote from the book is on page 206 and goes like this…”Interesting how garbled and confusing the past becomes under the anesthesia of time. You try to count the years and make some sense of them, but almost immediately they blur and become one big thing. The past.”  This quote pretty much sums up the book. The book is about Quinn, Burke, and Frank dealing with the past. Their past together and apart. And lets be honest, we all have things in our past that we regret.

I highly recommend this book! It is a feel good, laugh out loud romp that thoroughly entertains! Read it and let me know what you think!

Happy Reading!


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